Tutorial: Free Culinary Podcasts and Lectures on iTunes U

food studies lectures on itunes u from Jason Young on Vimeo.

iTunes U has sooo much stuff! Over the past couple years, I’ve been really jazzed about online learning. Some of the institutions and corporations I respect most, from the New York Public Library and Google, the Smithsonian and MIT, are making information available freely available through the Internet. Some interesting public-private partnerships have made great contributions to web based education, like the Google Book Search project, and iTunes U.

Dozens of universities and a few libraries and museums make videos and podcasts that they’ve created available through iTunes. Among the lectures on physics, math and classics, I’ve listened to Calvin Trillin speaking at Stanford, Alice Waters at Yale, Jose Andres at the Culinary Institute of America. I made a brief tutorial on how to find culinary movies and mp3s on iTunes U. I’m wrestling with Camtasia a bit, so please use the comments to let me know what need improving, what’s hard to see, hear, etc.

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Free Culinary Podcasts and Lectures on iTunes U

  1. Brian

    Audio sounds fantastic, but resolution on the vimeo video file could be a bit higher. It’s hard to read the text on the screen due to scaling. Try exporting the camtasia file to its native flash movie format.

    That said, well-done on your first screencast! Bad-audio turns me off right away. You nailed that part, which in my opinion is more important than reading the screen. Increase the resolution and you’ll be good to go.

  2. Jason Post author

    Thanks! Definitely looking forward to another go at screencast stuff. I looked at a few tutorials on using Camtasia Studio with YouTube or Vimeo, and they recommend setting the file for the default size of youtube videos – 320 x 240 and using WMV file format (i think i used AVI).
    Also have learned how to zoom & pan, which should be clutch for displaying small type and screen detail.

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