Taking a Cue From NCSU

Managing food in the library is always a potential challenge, but it is a commitment that students have asked the Libraries to make, and so far it has not been a problem.” Okay NCSU, so, launching a creamery in your library run by your food science program has been a successful (as well as awesome) move. But for me, managing food in the library has definitely been a bit of a problem. Not for lack of inspiration.

snow removal by plow king

Example. This past winter Ankeny Iowa used garlic salt to melt snow and ice from their roadways. True story. Ankeny based spice giant Tone Brothers donated 18,000 lbs. of garlic salt to use on 400 miles of road. Magnificent. Also, makes me want to write a piece on corporate ownership hierarchies in the food industry.
And this past weekend, I ate a variety of seafood delights, a perfect opportunity to write about books on foraging like Stalking the Blue Eyed Scallop.

There’s so much to write about. Serious culinary history stuff and wonderfully frivolous stuff. My challenge with this blog is the same I am always presented by menus; I want everything.

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