Food Songs Mixtape….Food Safety Music!

Professor Carl Winter has a webpage of Food Safety Music. My favorite is Clonin’ DNA, a song to the tune of Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys. A toxicologist with the UC Davis Food Science & Technology Department, Winter rocks out on synths to popular songs, with rewritten lyrics, about food safety. Yes, there’s video. Thank you to Professor Winter and the internet, for blowing my mind.

I put together a collection of songs about food. You can listen to it online at
It’s way less interesting and awesome than Professor Winter’s songs. And it’s more Pour Some Sugar on Me than Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy; actually neither of those songs is on there. A friend commented that he hadn’t ever seen Jimmy Buffet and The Smiths on the same playlist before.

Others have created far more extensive and inclusive lists of songs about food. The Food Section compiled a list of one hundred! And Peter Bochan at WBAI put together a whopping 525 song playlist about food. My hat is off to them.

One thought on “Food Songs Mixtape….Food Safety Music!

  1. Shana

    What a great selection of food tunes. I haven’t thought about Wesley Willis since about 1998. Or Cibo Matto for that matter.

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