C.M. Reinhardt, I covet your living space!

Burwell Public Library

Photo: Nebraska Memories

I love the aesthetic experience of libraries, the beauty of the buildings, furniture and books. Would I like to live in a library? The thought has crossed my mind. And apparently, I’m not the only one. When the Garfield County Library moved to more modern environs, Food Network Exec Christianna Reinhardt bought the building, and transformed a piece of her hometown’s history into a beautiful home. I found a story on the project while paging through back issues of Saveur magazine. Librarian blog booktruck.org has a post called of kitchens and card catalogs with more details about the project. Reinhardt is now opening Sweet Georgine’s Bakeshop in Omaha. I’ll have to go next month while I’m there for my cousin Ian’s wedding.

Here in Ann Arbor, the old Carnegie Library is being preserved, though not so completely. After Ann Arbor High School burned in 1904, the district built a new school on the same ground, adding a new library thanks to 30K from Andrew Carnegie. In 1955, the City of Ann Arbor sold the location to the University of Michigan, which tacked on an addition, and in 2007 demolished the building, save for the facade of the library.
The facade will be incorporated into the new building. Points for the nod to the library symbol of education, learning etc, but so far I like Ms. Reinhardt’s project better.
Ann Arbor Carnegie Library Facade

Photo: phil dokas

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