Boing Boing on Food Sculptures

Zhan Wang sculpted San Francisco out of cookware. Liz Hickok recreated the city of lights in Jello. I didn’t know about either artist at the time I wrote my post on art made of food. Both pieces had the right combination of strange and wonderful to make it to Boing Boing. You can go see Wang’s sculpture On Gold Mountain at the Asian Art Museum through May 25, 2008.

I really would like to write more. There’s so much amazing history connected with cookware and jello and art. No, seriously. I’d probably start with the connection between Jell-o and Cooper Union, move on to all that awesome gelatin ephemera and go from there. Sigh. Another time.

on gold mountain
Photo: mental.masala
San Francisco sculpted in cookware – Boing Boing

jello palace of fine arts

Photo: kwc
San Francisco In Jell-O on display in SF – Boing Boing

One thought on “Boing Boing on Food Sculptures

  1. Liz Calamusa

    This is absolutely beautiful 🙂 I am currently making a Jello train for a client and was just looking for some inspiration when I came across this photo. I’m very impressed and absolutely inspired 🙂 I just hope mine looks half as good 🙂

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